Now Offering Infrared Thermography Testing! Click Here for Details!

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Cornerstone Mechanical Services is excited to offer infrared inspections as part of our growing predictive maintenance services. Cornerstone’s trained and certified IR technicians provide thermal imaging and consultation on a variety of industrial components.


Our Infrared Inspections Cover:

– Electrical Systems

– Motor Control Centers

– Process Mechanical Equipment

– Tanks/Vessels

– Steam Traps

– Customized Customer Specific Thermal Inspection Needs


CMSI utilizes IR technology to identify problem areas such as high electrical resistance, faulty/failed electrical components, localized heating in a motor, excessive bearing temperature, and much more. Using Cornerstone’s IR inspections as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program saves our customers money by reducing downtime, unexpected interruptions, and maintenance/repair cost.

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