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Cornerstone Mechanical Services, Inc. has an impressive portfolio of experience, equipment, and capabilities. We take pride in providing the following professional services. Click on each service for a detailed description.

Corrective Maintenance

20151221_121614Cornerstone Mechanical Services, Inc. ensures that any problems are corrected within the shortest possible time, so your system is back in operation and you can resume business without delay.

Corrective maintenance consists of the action(s) taken to restore a failed system to operational status. This usually involves replacing or repairing the component that is responsible for the failure of the overall system. The objective of corrective maintenance is to restore the system to satisfactory operation within the shortest possible time.

A few examples include:

  • Bearing replacements
  • Fan rebuilds
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Gearbox replacements
  • Dynamic Balancing

    wheelIn-house balancing services…

    Our in-house balancing service uses the latest technology to provide reliable, cost-effective operation for virtually any size rotor.

    • All balancing in accordance with ISO, API and MIL specifications.
    • Certification of proving rotors and test masses.
    • Technical support for tool design and fixtures.
    • Precision scales and measuring equipment calibrated to NIST standards.
    • Full documentation for rotors with Certificate of Conformance available.

    balance1 In addition to our in-house balancing service, the balance technicians at Cornerstone Mechanical can bring their experience and precise standards to you. With a range of portable balancing equipment, we can balance your equipment in place at your facility, saving you time and productivity.

    Laser Alignment

    20141216_122534Maintenance supervisors know that when machines are down and production losses are growing, laser alignment is the fastest and most accurate method of coupling alignment. Our staff has performed laser alignments on machinery ranging from fractional motor-pump sets to 8000 HP motor-driven centrifugal compressors.

    Laser alignment compliments our machinery vibration analysis and balancing services. Tables listing vibration values and vibration spectra are included in our written report. This report also documents the as-found and as-left alignment values and the shim changes and horizontal moves of the machinery foot.

    Our laser alignment capabilities include:

    • Use of alignment “target” values for vertical and horizontal offset and angularity values.
    • Measurements of “soft-foot”, or vertical movement of machine feet, when mounting bolts are loosened. This condition can cause great difficulty if not recognized and corrected.
    • Alignment of shafts that are separated by spool pieces up to 12 feet in length.
    • Calculation of target offset and angularity values when they are unknown. This is done by laser aligning machinery “cold”, and then starting the machine and running until operating temperatures are reached. The laser is quickly set up, and “hot” alignment values recorded. The machine is then realigned in this condition, and the alignment changes are documented for future reference. When this machine or a similar machine needs alignment again, the target values can be used when the “cold” alignment is performed.

    The combined experience of our skilled teams provides a solid foundation for the dependability of a professional company. We are confident that the quality of our service will be superior, and we guarantee the work we perform will be accurate and concise.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Ashley at RFAB Compressor 2

    Vibration Monitoring & Analysis

    The objective of a Predictive Maintenance program is to improve machinery reliability by identifying problems before they cause failures.

    If resources have limited your company’s abilities to maintain or even start an effective Preventive Maintenance program, out-sourcing can be the cost-effective solution. The Cornerstone approach is to have one of our vibration technicians work with a member of your maintenance team to perform a site survey of critical equipment that should be monitored and establish appropriate monitoring cycles and techniques. A CMSI representative would then build the database files and begin the routine data collection and initial analysis. Pertinent trend data and plots are provided along with a condition assessment report following each monitoring cycle. The CMSI analyst will gladly review the data with your company representative(s) so that appropriate maintenance decisions can be made in a timely manner. We are also fully equipped to service facilities that require intrinsically safe equipment!

    Only looking for a one-time service? Our team would be happy to provide off-route vibration testing and in-depth analysis for you on equipment that seems to have a problem you just can’t pinpoint. We offer both single-speed and waterfall vibration testing. Waterfall vibration testing provides vibration data from 0% – 100% running speed for equipment controlled by a VFD. This form of vibration testing is employed to determine speeds at which the equipment is running on a critical, thus causing excessive vibration. Single-speed vibration testing is used to determine other possible issues with the unit, such as balance needs, looseness issues, bearing health, etc.


    Infrared Thermography

    A good predictive maintenance program includes more than one way to insure your equipment is performing at optimum levels.
    That is why we have now added infrared thermography to the list of services we offer. Using an infrared camera our certified technicians can test your electrical panels for excessive heat that could be caused by a loose or overly tightened wire connectors. We can also test your machinery for problem areas such as an overheated bearing.

    Call or email us today to schedule testing on all your critical equipment!

    Equipment Installation

    20160414_101705 Accompanying our predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance services Cornerstone also offers new equipment installations. Before your equipment is ever installed, CMSI will perform pre-alignment and precision leveling services to confirm the equipment frame is not twisted and all mounting locations are co-planer. Attention to detail regarding these items will help prevent soft foot or bolt-bound issues after the equipment is set in place. In addition, Cornerstone provides unsurpassed precision grouting services using cementitious or epoxy grout. Utilizing Cornerstone’s expertise for equipment installation and precision grouting will greatly reduce your long-term maintenance expense by eliminating any possible issues due to improperly installed equipment.